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  Sustainability Policy and Strategic Plan  

This Strategic Plan has been created in line with our own company Environmental and Sustainability Policy, aligned with Governmental Strategies, targets and legislation surrounding the requirements to perform business and production activities ethically, legally, and responsibly with environmental impact at the heart of all our business processes. 

  Current Activities, Environmental and Sustainability Concerns  

This document outlines where we are now, the targets that we have towards net zero and outlines other areas where we are using natural resources and having an impact on the environment, as well as the people affected by them, such as employees, suppliers, customers, and the public. 
PSL have a number of documents, policies and procedures that cover areas around sustainability which are audited (e.g., the quality manual and the company handbook – which also includes equal opportunities, anti-bullying and harassment policy, data protection and GDPR policy, environmental policy and the health and safety policy). 
We are an Audited business (ISO) which covers aspects of our everyday business activities (such as health and safety and social/business compliance), All of our suppliers are FSC® accredited business which focuses on the sustainability of our materials, ensuring they are from responsible sources. ISO also audit us for Core Labour requirements, ensuring we perform duties ethically in terms of employment, antislavery, child labour, and equal opportunities for our workforce and suppliers. 

  Sustainability Projects  

PSL are committed to our environmental efforts around all our products, assembly processes, office processes and suppliers containing 32 key areas, such as using Eco Inks, 100% recycled materials, energy saving equipment, running a paperless office and ensuring all our material suppliers are FSC accredited. 
We welcome on site visits to see these efforts in progress. 
Procure a Green/Environmental/Sustainability Partner to further qualify, design and support the Pathway to net Zero going forward. 
Determine our Carbon Footprint 
Further reduce and change our consumption of fossil fuels, water and other resources that impact the environment and begin to measure the change using SBTi. 

Sustainability Policy and Strategic Plan  Achieve Net Zero by 2050  

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